Spool Valves

Designed to offer incredible versatility in the control of pneumatic equipment.

Spool Valves are a type of Pneumatic Valve that offers incredible versatility in the control of pneumatic equipment. Often, they are used as a Control Valve which, depending on it’s configuration, changes the state of a larger piece of pneumatic equipment such as a pneumatic actuator, pump, or motor.

A Spool Valve consists of a metallic spool or shuttle which has strategically placed holes, housed inside a valve body. The Valve body has a number of ports, usually 3 or 5 which act as inlets, outlets, or exhausts depending on the configuration.

The holes in the spool align with the valve ports to create a flow path through the valve. When the valve is actuated – generally through the use of a solenoid coil – the spool switches position and aligns itself with other valve ports and therefore creating a different flow path through the valve and ultimately, instructing the larger piece of pneumatic equipment to change its state.

Spool Valves are available in configurations known as 3/2, 5/2 or 5/3. They can be specified with different actuation functions, often described as Solenoid/Spring or Solenoid/Solenoid.

Spool Valves are available in a wide range of material options such as aluminium, brass or stainless steel, and can be specified for use in a multitude of Hazardous Area applications.

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