Norgren Solenoid Valves

Control a diverse range of fluids in a wide range of applications.

The IMI Norgren Group manufactures an unrivalled range of Norgren Solenoid Valves under their IMI Buschjost and IMI Herion brands.

If you are looking for a Norgren Solenoid Valve to control a diverse range of fluids in a wide range of applications, we are sure to have a Solenoid Valve product from Norgren in stock that meets your needs.

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Frequently asked questions

Norgren Solenoid Valve Types

Our range of Norgren solenoids are compatible with gas and liquid media. Depending on the material composition of the Norgren valve, they can be used to control both neutral and aggressive fluids. For more information on the type of media a valve is equipped to survive, please visit our Norgren solenoid product pages, which will advise you on the type of fluid you can use with individual valves.
IMI Precision Engineering are premium manufacturers. With brands such as Buschjost, Watson Smith and Herion, it is no wonder they are leaders in their field.

Norgren Solenoid Valve Applications

IMI Norgren manufactures a wide range of solenoid valves, for a range of applications. Their vast material selection means Norgren solenoids can be used in specific and demanding working environments, including complex medical diagnostic equipment and harsh environmental conditions. Norgren solenoid coils are unrivalled due to their high resilience and diverse portfolio.

At MGA Controls, we have Norgren solenoids to suit both general and specific applications. Norgren are one of the leading solenoid valve manufacturers and has one of the world’s largest range of valves.

What is a Norgren Solenoid Coil and how does it work?

A Norgren solenoid coil is an electromechanically operated device used to control the state of a solenoid valve. When the solenoid coil is energised, the state of the valve changes from open to closed, or vice-versa. Some Norgren valves can be specified with proportional operators that work by two forces countering one another in the valve: the spring force and the force by a proportional solenoid. When power is supplied to the solenoid, the plunger rises proportionally to the electrical input, the valve opens and the fluid passes through.

Norgren solenoids offer fast and safe switching, high reliability & a long service life. They are found in many application areas due to their versatility.

A guide to Norgren Steam Solenoid Valves

Steam solenoid valves from Norgren translate electrical impulses to either open or close a valve, ensuring a controlled flow of high temperature steam at up to 200°C in a wide range of industrial applications. Buschjost (an IMI Precision Engineering brand) manufactures a wide range of Solenoid Valves for use with different pressures, media’s, temperatures and applications. Their range of Solenoid Valves includes direct and indirect-acting solenoid valves, diaphragm valves, poppet valves and spool valves.

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