ATEX refers to any hazardous environment that carries the risk of being explosive. The term was established under EU law and requires any machinery that is to be used in hazardous environments to be ATEX approved. In our latest article, MGA Controls looks at ATEX environments in more detail and suggests types of ATEX solenoid valves that can be used.

Examples of ATEX environments

An explosive atmosphere is defined as “a mixture of dangerous substances with air, under atmospheric conditions, in the form of gases, vapours, mist or dust in which, after ignition has occurred, combustion spreads to the entire unburned mixture”. An explosive atmosphere isn’t limited to specific applications and are often found in general applications where flammable gases are used. Some common causes of ATEX environments include:

  • Fuel Storage
  • Oil and Gas Drilling
  • Chemical Manufacturing
  • Power Generation
  • Food Manufacturing
  • Military
  • Pharmaceutical

It is important that any machinery used in hazardous environments are ATEX approved, in order to minimise risk of injury or machinery failure.

Choosing ATEX Products

At MGA Controls, we are able to supply machinery parts suitable for hazardous applications. Our ATEX solenoid valves are a popular purchase as they can operate efficiently in hazardous areas and extreme temperatures, from -25 to 50 °C. With anodised aluminium, brass or stainless steel casings, our solenoid valves are available in various ATEX classifications.

ATEX approved solenoid valves feature durable materials, which guarantees the efficient working of a machine in a hazardous environment. For example, robust materials will be used on both the out and inside of the solenoid valve, allowing corrosive media to pass through, while also protecting the casing of the valve. By choosing ATEX solenoid valves the product will be flame and explosion resistant, meaning they can be used effectively in hazardous environments.


Buying an ATEX solenoid valve

MGA Controls stock a range of ATEX products, including ATEX approved solenoid valves. Vital for use in dangerous environments, the solenoid valve will provide the necessary protection to allow them to be used with corrosive media in harsh, explosive environments. To find a product please visit our online store or alternatively contact us today for more information.