106/206-DW - Singer Deep Well Pump Control Valve

The Singer 106/206-DW Deep Well Pump Control Valves are normally installed in a tee between the pump discharge and the non-return valve. The valve is normally open and on pump start-up, a pilot solenoid is energised to start closing the valve at a rate that has been pre-determined by the closing speed control function. As the valve closes slowly, flow is transferred to the main line smoothly, increasing the pipeline flow without surges. When the valve is fully closed, all pump flow is in the pipeline, with no control valve losses.
  • Prevents pump starting and stopping surges
  • No energy loss while pump is running
  • Separate opening and closing speed controls
  • Discharges initial air/water silt to waste, on well applications.
  • Discharges stagnant water at start-up from dormant wells
Technical data

Singer Valve

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