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AVCO prefabricated CFOS (Cleaned for Oxygen Service) manifold sections are designed to reduce plant assembly costs and time while maintaining the demands for high quality systems.

CFOS Manifolds are produced with a main tube made from 316L and can be supplied in lengths up to 24 feet. The main line can vary between ¼” and 12” with the valve lines running between ¼” and 4”. The manifolds can be configured as a single horizontal cross, double horizontal cross, double horizontal tee or double vertical tee to complement the plant layout.

The valves attached to the manifold can be either our economy 500 Series or high performance 2100 Series. There is no requirement to disassemble any of the valves. This allows for flexibility in choice when considering operating conditions and costs. After fabrication, the manifolds are helium leak tested to 1 x 10-7 scc/sec to ensure quality. AVCO prefabricated CFOS manifold sections will reduce on-site welding time, construction time and on-site labour.

  • Size: 1/4” thru 4” (Valves) 1/4” thru 12” (Manifolds)
  • CRN Certified
  • ASME BPE Compliant
  • 1000 WOG
  • Ends: Tube OD, Extended Tube OD, Pipe Butt Weld, Face Seal, Clamp & Vacuum Ends & Compression Fittings
  • Body Materials: 316L Stainless Steel
  • Ball & Stem Materials: 316L Stainless Steel
  • Configurations: Single Horizontal Cross, Double Horizontal Cross, Double Vertical Tee & Double Horizontal Tee
  • Service Applications: Biotech, Clean Steam, Gas and Air Delivery, High Purity Gases, High Purity Water/Oils, Pharmaceutical, Waxes & Vacuum
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