orbinox hb series hand-wheel stainless steel knife gate valve

Orbinox Bi-Directional High Pressure Wafer Pattern Knife Gate Valve (HB Series)


The Orbinox HB range is a High Pressure, Bi-Directional, Full Ported, Cavity Free, Wafer Pattern Knife Gate Valve. Semi-Lugged with PN16 Flange Alignment and Face-to-Face to EN 558-1 Series 20, this range has a selection of Rising and Non-Rising Stem operators.

Typically used for Isolation and end of line applications, its CNC precision-machined, Ductile Iron ‘monoblock’ body, fully guided polished Stainless Steel gate and unique patented, Nitrile or EPDM resilient seat design with metallic core, ensures a non-clog, non-jamming performance, with minimum pressure drop, reduced torque and secure Bi-Directional shut-off at 16 Bar MWP.

Packing as standard is PTFE impregnated synthetic fibre with EPDM or Nitrile O-ring and an easily accessible Ductile Iron Gland Follower ensures a tight seal. All valves are designed with reinforced ribs for extra body strength, Stems are Stainless Steel as standard and automated valves are supplied with Gate Guards, compliant with EU Safety Standards.

Orbinox Bi-Directional Wafer Pattern Knife Gate Valve is suitable for a media of suspended solids, including Raw Sewage & Wastewater Treatment Plants, Thermal Hydrolysis Plants, Sludge & Slurry Handling, Food and Beverage, Chemical Plants, Agriculture and Biogas Handling. Specified for the UK Water Industry, the compact Yoke and Body are Epoxy coated for longterm corrosion resistance and the valve is manufactured in compliance with WIMES 8.09i1, PED and ATEX.

Orbinox Bi-Directional High-Pressure Wafer Pattern Knife Gate Valve Features:

  • Bi-Directional Knife Gate Valve
  • Sizes DN50 up to DN300
  • 16 Bar working pressure
  • Standard Flange Connection DIN (EN1092-2) PN16
  • EN 558-1 Series 20 Face to Face
  • A range of operators with Rising or Non-Rising Stem options
  • A wide range of accessories available
  • Epoxy Coated Ductile Iron Body & Carbon Steel Yoke
  • CF8M Body option
  • Stainless Steel Polished Gate in 304, 316, 316 Ti or 2205 Duplex
  • EPDM or Nitrile Resilient Seat
  • A wide range of long life packing materials
  • Directives: MACHINES / PED / ATEX
  • Generally compliant to WIMES 8.09i1 for the UK Water Industry
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