SurgeBuster - Recoil Resilient Hinge Non-Return Valve

The Val-Matic range of SurgeBuster Check Valves are very similar in design to the Swing-Flex Check Valves. They offer the same design and performance benefits, but with the added benefit of super fast closing in 0.1 second. The SURGEBUSTER achieves rapid closure through a short disc stroke of 35° and adjustable Disc Accelerator. The short disc stroke is less than half the typical 80° to 90° stroke of a conventional swing check valve. It is achieved by placing the valve seat on a 45° angle while maintaining a full flow area equal to the mating pipe. The Disc Accelerator is a precision formed stainless steel mechanism that closes the valve disc rapidly thus avoiding slamming by flow reversal and yet allowing the disc to be stabilised under flow conditions. The accelerator is fully enclosed within the valve and completely out of the flow path.
  • Super Fast closing (< 0.1 Second)
  • Suitable in high-flow applications
  • 100% Flow Area
  • Non-Clog Design
  • Non-Slam by Design
  • Positive Shut-Off
  • Only one moving part
  • 25 Year Warranty
  • Stainless Steel disc accelerator
  • Mechanical Position Indicator optional
  • Back Flush Actuator optional
  • Other options include Rubber Lining and Limit Switches
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