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ASCO solenoid valves are known in the industry for their high-quality and reliability. ASCO Joucomatic, also known as ASCO Numatics are considered the leader in Fluid Control products, worldwide. Team this with MGA Controls’ service and technical capabilities and we are confident that our extensive line of ASCO solenoids and pressure operated valves can satisfy any application.

This high specification and durability associated with ASCO solenoids means the range is suitable for use in various industries, including, Process, Oil and Gas, Petrochem, Medical, Pharmaceutical and many more. Below is a brief overview of MGA Controls’ ASCO solenoid valve catalogue.

Our range of ASCO solenoids include Direct Operated and Pilot Operated Solenoids. To view our range of ASCO solenoid valves, please click on any of the links for more information on a specific range or type of solenoid valve.

Due to their durability, ASCO valves can be used with water, compressed air, steam, oil, fuel, gas, cryogenic fluids and many other safe or aggressive media, meaning we can provide an ASCO solenoid fit for even the most aggressive applications.

For more information on our range of ASCO solenoid valves and to talk to one of our experienced technical sales team for a quote, please call please call MGA Controls on 01704 898980 or email us on

Designed to operate in pressure ranges between 0-86 mBar, this 040 series ASCO solenoid valve was specifically manufactured to operate in low pressure gas applications. The valve is certified to EN 161, which means it is safe for use in household applications, such as gas burners and various low pressure appliances.
The valve has also been type tested by the European Gas Appliance Directive.

Featuring an aluminium body, with stainless steel, aluminium, NBR and PTFE internals, this ASCO valve is a multi-functional solenoid.
For more information regarding our range of ASCO solenoid valves for low gas applications, visit our product page.

ASCO are renowned for their robust product selection and their range of solenoids are no different. ASCO solenoid valves are produced using only the most durable materials, including:

  • Brass
  • Stainless Steel
  • Aluminium

This strategic material selection allows ASCO solenoids to be used in even the harshest environments, due to their high chemical and temperature compatibility.
For more information regarding our range of ASCO valves, contact our sales team today.

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