In the pharmaceutical industry, the need for sterile and hygienic equipment is of utmost importance. Here at MGA Controls, we understand the need for pharmaceutical equipment that is of a certain standard and quality. That is why we have a trusted partnership with two well-known manufacturers within the pharmaceutical industry: AVCO and Bürkert. Both of these manufacturers produce reliable solutions for businesses and applications to the pharmaceutical world, making them the perfect partnership for MGA Controls Ltd. Our partnerships allow us to supply and distribute a range of control valves for pharmaceuticals, all with the knowledge that these products are safe and hygienic for pharmaceutical processes.

Valves for pharmaceutical manufacturing

The pharmaceutical industry demands equipment that guarantees a safe and clean working environment, with sterile solutions for pharmaceutical equipment and pharmaceuticals manufacturing. Here at MGA Controls, we are experts in the clean and safe solutions required by pharmaceutical manufacturing applications.

Working in partnership with two of the world’s leading manufacturers of pharmaceutical equipment and valves; Bürkert and AVCO Valves, we have the skills and expertise to deliver innovative solutions to pharmaceutical manufacturing applications

Bürkert as manufacturers for the pharmaceutical industry

Bürkert are well known for their philosophy of safe and efficient pharmaceutical equipment, as well as a concise understanding of the need for quick and reliable manufacturing. It is due to this philosophy that with Bürkert, their team of experts have the expertise and ability to provide reliable control valves for pharmaceuticals and other similar products.

With their range of efficient and expertly manufactured products, their automation solutions have been used within the pharmaceutical industry for many years, meeting all of the required hygiene regulations. With Bürkert’s high standards on cleanliness and overall manufacturing of equipment, they manufacture quality products for medicine production, clean utilities and steam controlled pasteurisation, to name a few.

Bürkert’s diaphragm control valves for hygienic processes are a prime example of the perfect valve for the pharmaceutical industry. With the 100% leakage test to ensure tightness of the product and all diaphragm valve bodies weirs 100% measured to ensure dimensional compliance, these components make for the ideal valves used within the pharmaceutical industry.

Bürkert solutions for the pharmaceutical industry

Burkert can manufacture solutions for the complete pharmaceutical manufacturing process including:

  • Water treatment
  • Fermentation
  • Clean in Place
  • Fluid separation
  • Filtration and purification
  • Steam and heat transfer

Our expert team at MGA Controls can assist you in finding the best and most appropriate valve solution for your pharmaceutical application, with solutions to suit the full pharmaceutical manufacturing process. Contact the team today by emailing [email protected] or calling +44 (0)1704 776 392.

Pharmaceutical manufacturing from AVCO

AVCO Valves and Control, Inc are a global leader in innovative engineered valves and instrumentation devices for all types of fluid flow. With ISO 9001:2015 accreditation, AVCO Valves and Controls are committed to manufacturing valves and instrumentation devices that continually improve to serve the demands of the market with proven engineered solutions for some of the world’s harshest operating conditions in fluid controls, such as the Pharmaceutical industry.

Due to their position as a global leader in engineered valves and instrumentation, AVCO is another trusted partner of ours. With their ability to create bespoke products for various applications, including those within the pharmaceutical industry, we know you will be able to find a valve to suit your applications needs from the AVCO range.

<h2>Technical expertise for pharmaceutical manufacturing applications</h2>

Contact the team at MGA Controls to learn more about the range of products available from Bürkert and AVCO Valves that suit the pharmaceutical manufacturing sector. Our team of experts understand the requirements of control valves for pharmaceutical applications and are on hand to assist you in selecting the most suitable equipment for your application.

Call the team today on +44 (0)1704 776 392 or email [email protected] and one of our helpful team will be in touch to discuss your requirements.

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