In this article, MGA Controls gives you our guide to gas solenoid valves. We explain what they are, how they function, common types and their typical applications.


Gas solenoid valve
Gas solenoid valves are as versatile as they are useful. Translating electrical impulses, to open and close the valve, they control the flow of gas in a wide range of industrial and residential applications.


What is a gas solenoid valve?

Gas solenoid valves translate electrical impulses to open and close a valve, ensuring the controlled flow of gas in a wide range of industrial applications. Gas solenoid valves are normally available in brass, aluminium, and stainless steel. Some manufacturers, such as Bürkert, can offer gas solenoid valves in an extensive range of body and seal materials. From PTFE, to NBR, EPDM and even PEEK.

How does a gas solenoid valve function?

Gas solenoid valves are made of parts that receive electrical impulses, which are then translated into mechanical movements. When the gas solenoid valve receives an electrical impulse it will open or close the valve and therefore control the flow of gas into a chamber or through a line.

Gas solenoid valve applications

A gas solenoid valve can be used in many applications. Both for commercial and residential devices. Commercial uses of gas solenoid valves generally include any pneumatic machinery that uses gas pressure to move its parts. Manufacturing facilities might use solenoid valves to control the movement of gases used in their manufacturing processes.

Gas solenoid valve types

ASCO has the widest array of solenoid and motorised shutoff valves. Their valves are designed to control the flow of fuel gas, liquid propane and all grades of fuel oil used in combustion applications. These can include industrial furnaces, ovens, kilns, incinerators, burners and boilers. These valves are available in 2-way normally closed, normally open, manual reset, and 3-way diversion varieties.

Bürkert also produce solenoid valves for fluid and gaseous media. They are suitable for aggressive or neutral media and are applicable in various temperature and pressure ranges. Christian Bürkert, the company’s founder, is thought to have pioneered the modern day solenoid valve. His innovation has set the benchmark for industrial solenoid valves ever since.

Buschjost (an IMI Norgren brand) manufactures a wide range of Solenoid Valves for use with different pressures, media’s, temperatures and applications. Their range of Solenoid Valves include direct-acting solenoid valves, indirect-acting solenoid valves, or a combination of both; solenoid valves with forced lifting.

Gas solenoid valves from MGA Controls

MGA Controls’ knowledgeable team can talk you through all your gas solenoid valve requirements. With more than three decades’ worth of experience supplying gas solenoid valve products to the Process Industry, as well an impressive range of gas solenoid valve brands (including Bürkert and ASCO), we guarantee to find you the optimal gas solenoid valve for your application.

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