The launch of the pressure release valves DHV 715-SL / DHV 716-SL offers corrosion protection through optimised design as it is an almost screwless pressure relief valve making it more resistant in an aggressive environment.  The plastic pressure release valve DHC-SL is made without corrosion prone fastening screws and with a spring dome attached to the bottom section using an internal thread.

ASV Stübbe Pressure Release Valves

Features of ASV Stübbe Pressure Release Valves:

  • Maximum nominal pressure is PN10 and can be variably set
  • Automatically controls pressure in a system in accordance with the selected presetting
  • Constant operating or primary pressure
  • Works as an overflow valve and protects the dosing pump as well as the entire system by reducing any over pressure resulting from rising pressure by a controlled regulation
  • Can be equipped with a pressure gauge if required
  • Comes in four sizes from DN10 to DN 25
  • Has a shaped diaphragm and piston connected to each other to form a sensitivity reacting unit
  • Plastic valves available with spigot or sockets screw connection if required


Applications of ASV Stübbe Pressure Release Valves:


  • Chemical plant manufacture
  • Water treatment
  • Electroplating plants
  • Suitable for technically clean, neutral and aggressive fluids