Are you looking for a solution for preparing compressed air to control a pneumatic system? At MGA Controls, we have combined FRL boxsets that are the most economical way to control air within a pneumatic compression system. In this blog, we outline the benefits and uses of a FRL unit.

Regulator Lubricator

FRL Unit Working principle

A Combination FRL Boxset does everything that is necessary when preparing compressed air to control a pneumatic system. This is only achievable by ensuring it is clean, regulating optimum pressure for the system, and lubricating it with a small amount of oil to ensure a safe and reliable operation of system components.

How to maintain your FRL boxset

Maintenance upkeep will vary depending on the filter, regulator and lubricator. Guidelines on how to maintain your FRL boxset model will be provided when purchased but involve cleaning and removing the filtration drains, and making sure that lubricators are topped up with the correct grade of oil.

Benefits and uses of a FRL unit

There are many benefits to using a combination FRL boxset from MGA Controls, including:

  • They are easy to install.
  • They provide a wealth of functionality.
  • They are pre-assembled.
  • Various types of Combination FRL boxsets available. As a minimum, we recommend a filter, regulator and lubricator, but other options can be specified which include shut off valves, pressure switches, pressure relief valves and soft start valves.
  • All units come pre-assembled and fitted with wall mounting brackets, so all you have to do is mount the unit and connect the inlet and outlet pipes.
  • There are various sizes to choose from, ensuring that we have a solution for your application.
  • Our combination FRL boxsets can be used in hazardous environments.

Contact MGA about uses of an FRL unit

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