Bürkert is a leading manufacturer of measurement and control systems, boasting a large portfolio of high quality, German engineered products. Here, MGA Controls discuss the Bürkert valve catalogue, all of which is available to purchase from our online store.

What is an angle seat valve?

An angle seat piston valve is a pneumatically-controlled valve with a piston actuator. The angle seat valve provides linear actuation to lift a disc off its seat, providing the maximum possible flow. The unique design of the Bürkert air operated valve means the valves offer extreme precision, measurement and control.

Bürkert valve catalogue

Commonly used for Water Treatment, Food and Beverage, Pharmaceutical and Industrial Processing, the range of products in the Bürkert valve catalogue is extensive and all valves are hard-wearing. Below, we offer just a small selection of Bürkert air operated valves, available to purchase from MGA Controls.

Type 2000 – Air operated valve

Part of the Bürkert valve catalogue, the type 2000 series Bürkert air operated valves are externally piloted and operated with either a single or double-acting piston actuator. The flow path is almost straight and in line with a pipe, making high flow rates achievable. The type 2000 air operated valves are low maintenance and robust, thanks to the reliable, self-adjusting packing gland which provides high sealing integrity, reducing wear and extending service life. This valve can also be fitted with a 3/2-Way Pilot Control Valve for electrical operation.

Type 2002 – Pneumatically operated 3/2-way globe valve

This pneumatically operated 3/2-way valve is a best-selling component in the Bürkert air operated valve catalogue. Operated using a piston actuator, the type 2002 pneumatically operated 3/2-way globe valves are maintenance free and robust and can be retro-fitted with a comprehensive range of accessories for position indication or manual override. Available in either gunmetal or stainless steel body material, the valve is compatible with a wide range of fluid and gaseous media, operated in temperatures up to +180°C.

Type 2012 – Pneumatically operated 2/2-way globe valve

The type 2012 Bürkert pneumatically operated 2/2-way globe valve is available in brass, stainless steel and plastic. A process valve for either on/off or continuous control, this externally piloted globe valve consists of a pneumatically operated piston actuator and 2/2-way globe style valve body. Maintenance free and robust, these valves can be retro-fitted with a comprehensive range of accessories for position indication, stroke limitation or manual override.