Buschjost is known throughout the process industry as a market leader for magnetic, process and multimedia valves. Thanks to the company’s technology and innovation, they have been setting quality benchmarks since 1953. Here, we offer an overview of the Buschjost valve catalogue available at MGA Controls and discuss common diaphragm valve features.

Buschjost valve catalogue

As leading manufacturers, the Buschjost valve catalogue is extensive. With a huge range of air operated or angle seat valves, Buschjost can offer a valve, specified to any industrial application. Below, we offer just a selection of Buschjost products, each offering different diaphragm valve features, available to purchase from MGA Controls.

82900 Series Buschjost air operated diaphragm valve for dust filter systems

The Buschjost 82900 air operated valve is specifically designed for use in dust filter system. Pneumatically actuated, these diaphragm valves feature an aluminium body and TPE seat material, allowing them to function effectively in industrial applications. The valves are functional and compact and can deliver a burst of high-flow air in order to clear dust filters effectively. Capable of operating between -20 to 85°C ambient temperature and -40 to 85°C with fluids, the aluminium body material and TPE seat material means they can be operated effectively in many industrial applications.

82380 series Buschjost stainless steel pressure operated angle seat valve

Th 82380 Buschjost air operated valve has been developed to operate in the most demanding industrial applications. High media compatibility and stainless steel body material allows the valve to be used with aggressive and contaminated liquid or gas. Part of the Buschjost valve catalogue, this valve can also be pilot actuated or used with the Buschjost 84660 series solenoid valve for electric operation.

What is a pilot operated valve?

A pilot operated valve is designed to effectively control pilot air to an air operated valve. If you are looking for a pilot operated valve for use with a Buschjost angle seat valve, the 84660 series Buschjost solenoid valve is the perfect component. Designed with Buschjost angle seat valves in mind, the pilot operated solenoid is designed to provide a high level of controlled pilot air. Compact and efficient, this solenoid valve has a noiseless exhaust, with coils that can be changed without tools.

As Buschjost distributors, our extensive knowledge and experience gives us the ability to identify and specify Buschjost Valves into many applications. To obtain an immediate quote, call our technical team on 01704 898980 or email sales@mgacontrols.co.uk.