Choosing the right pneumatic filter for your application isn’t always easy, but is extremely important. Contaminated air must be properly filtered before use, otherwise, it can lead to premature wear in valves and cylinders, cause leakages in seals, result in corrosion in piping, and is generally the root cause of faster breakdowns, resulting in higher maintenance and operating costs. As official Norgren filter distributors, MGA Controls have an unrivalled knowledge of Norgren products and are here to help you discover the benefits of a Norgren filter.

Benefits of a Norgren filter

Norgren offers a range of pneumatic filters in an array of configurations, port sizes and drain assemblies customisable to almost any application. Units are available in aluminium and stainless steel and can be specified for use in hazardous area applications. Norgren’s products are interchangeable and compatible with other components and are also available in pre-assembled Combination Box Sets, or FRL’s. Here are two of our favourite Norgren pneumatic filters.

  • F18 Series – This is a general purpose, high flow filter that can be used in both manual and automatic drains. It handles pipe sizes from G1.1/2 up to G2 and is a highly efficient water removal filter. The F18 Norgren filter features a clearly visible liquid level indicator and has a maximum operating pressure of 17 bar. This filter is one of our personal favourites, it is efficient, sturdy and compatible with other 18 Series products including the R18 Pilot Operated Pressure Regulator.

Filter Features

  • F92C Series- This Excelon pro coalescing filter is a low weight, cost effective oil removal filter. The F92C Norgren filter features a high performing filter and is packed with standard features such as an automatic drain and a service life indicator. No tools are required for installation or maintenance, and it can be mated to other Excelon Pro products such as the R92G Regulator and L92C Lubricator.

Benefits of a Norgren filter

Why choose MGA as your Norgren filter distributors?

As official Norgren filter distributors, MGA Controls have an unparalleled knowledge of Norgren filter features and products. Our technical experts are fully trained in the whole Norgren portfolio of products and offer specialist knowledge. We specialise in selecting, specifying and delivering cost-effective and efficient solutions to your process applications. Whether that be Food and Beverage, Chemical or Oil and Gas.

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