At MGA Controls we supply a wide range of Aventics pneumatic cylinders, ranging from small bore compact cylinders, right through to heavy duty construction tie rod cylinders. Formerly known as Bosch Rexroth, Aventics is a world-leading manufacturer of pneumatic equipment and have been a key player in the pneumatics and industrial markets for many years. In this Aventics pneumatic cylinder article, we will be answering all the questions you may have about Aventics Pneumatic Cylinders and running you through MGA’s Aventics pneumatic cylinder catalogue.

What is a pneumatic cylinder

Pneumatic cylinders (or actuators) are mechanical devices that utilise the power of compressed air to create linear movement. They are also known as air cylinders and come in various appearances and sizes. Pneumatic cylinders are meant to perform different functions depending on the needs of the application.

How do Aventics pneumatic cylinders work?

Aventics pneumatic cylinders work by using the force of compressed air against a moving piston to create a responding linear movement. Aventics pneumatic cylinders are specified depending on the mass of the load being moved, the distance it is to be moved and the time required to move the load.

Where to buy Aventics pneumatic cylinders

MGA Controls supplies a comprehensive range of incredibly diverse Aventics pneumatic cylinders. The standard Aventics ISO cylinders are suitable for a wide range of industrial and process applications and can be configured according to your requirements. Below you can see some of the pneumatic cylinders available from MGA’s Aventics pneumatic cylinder catalogue.

Aventics C12P Series tie-rod cylinder

The Aventics C12P series is a tie-rod construction pneumatic cylinder that conforms to the CNOMO NFE 49-001 standard. The tie-rod construction offers increased stability and dependable operation.

Some of C12P Series’ main features include:

  • 25-200mm bore diameters
  • Double acting
  • Adjustable cushioning
  • Heat-resistant versions optional
  • 10 bar max. pressure
  • Strokes up to 2600mm.
  • Conforms to CNOMO NFE 49-001

Aventics pneumatic cylinder catalogue

Aventics TRR Series rack & pinion rotary cylinder

The Aventics TRR Series is a rotary pneumatic cylinder that operates by using a rack and pinion system. It is a highly reliable unit that is designed for applications that require a lot of power to twist machinery or processes.

The main features of the TRR Series include:

  • Rack & pinion actuator
  • 32mm to 100mm Bore
  • 90, 180 or 360-degree strokes
  • Magnetic piston
  • Double piston with rack
  • Pneumatic adjustable cushioning

Aventics pneumatic cylinder catalogue

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