There are several different types of solenoid valve body materials that make some solenoid valves chemically resistant. At MGA Controls, we supply a range of chemical resistant solenoid valves for an array of applications and processes.

Chemical resistant solenoid valves are imperative to industries that utilise aggressive media and are located in harsh and corrosive environments. In this article, we will be outlining MGA’s range of chemical resistant solenoid valves and discuss innovative body material, such as polyphenyl sulphide (PPS)

Plastic solenoid valves

Most commonly found in the offshore, plastics, rubber, and automotive industries, plastic solenoid valves are extremely cost-effective. They are widely used in many process industry applications for the handling of aggressive media and harsh chemicals. Below is a list of the most common plastic solenoid valves.

Polyphenyl sulphide or PPC

Polyphenyl sulphide (or PPS) is a thermoplastic that is often used as a solenoid valve body material and can perform above 200°C. PPS enables the manufacture of acid resistant solenoid valves as it is resistant to acids, alkalis and abrasion. PPS is used in many applications, including electricals, automotive in cooking appliances. PPS can also be moulded, extruded or machined to high tolerances.

Polyether ether ketone or PEEK

PEEK is more resistant to high concentrations of sulphuric and nitric acid. This gives it excellent mechanical and chemical properties, making it a superior solenoid valve body material. While PEEK is generally more expensive than other forms of valve materials, its strength means it can perform well in a variety of demanding applications.

Plastic solenoid valve manufacturers

At MGA Controls, we supply a large amount of chemical resistant solenoid valves from high-quality plastic solenoid valve manufacturers, such as Bürkert and ASV Stübbé.

Bürkert and Stübbé solenoid valves are available in a range of polymeric body materials, including PVC-U, PP and PTFE. Such materials are resistant to corrosion and are better suited to applications where reliability and the control of aggressive media is of the utmost importance.

Plastic Solenoid Valves are generally only available in 2-Way types, and range in size from DN15 to DN50 (1/2″…2″). They are available as direct-acting, or indirect-acting and come in a range of seal materials, such as EPDM and Viton.

Below are some featured chemical resistant solenoid valves from MGA Controls.

ASV Stübbé Type 150

The ASV Stübbé Type 150 is a direct-acting solenoid valve that is suitable for neutral, aggressive or corrosive media. As standard, the valve function is normally closed. Although a normally open version is available as an option. The valve operates from 0 pressure and has a maximum operating pressure of 2 bar.

Thanks to a range of body materials (including PVC, PVDF or PTFE) and sealing materials (Viton or EPDM), the Type 150 is suitable for a wide range of media and applications.

Key features include:

• Direct-acting solenoid valve: 0…2 Bar
• Body Materials: PVC, PVDF, PTFE
• Seal Materials: Viton (FPM), EPDM
• Function: normally closed (normally Open optional)
• Size range: DN10…DN20
• Voltages: 24v DC, 230/50, special voltages on request
• Protection class: IP65

ASV Stübbé Type 150 Solenoid Valve

Bürkert Type 0142

The Bürkert Type 0142 is a servo-assisted brass plunger piloted solenoid valve with un-coupled rugged diaphragm. This valve is specifically designed for aggressive fluids where an acid resistant solenoid valve is required. A minimum differential pressure is required for the valve to function. Various diaphragm material combinations and methods of operation are also available depending on the application. Housings available in PVC or PVDF complete the offering. The 3/2-way pilot valve can be easily converted from NC to NO by rotating it on the main seat.

Key features include:

• Servo-assisted 2/2-way diaphragm valve
• Diameter of up to DN 63
• 0.5-6 bar max.
• Unique isolated technology for slightly contaminated fluids
• Designed for use with aggressive chemicals
• Plastic valve for aggressive and contaminated media
• Rugged moulded diaphragm
• Switching reliability with feedback function

Bürkert Type 0142 Solenoid Valve

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