The ‘Economy’ award

MGA Controls Award
The award for ‘Economy’ goes to the

Surgebuster Swing Check Valve by Val-Matic
. The Surgebuster has been proven to save up to 50% of energy costs in an application. The Surgebuster check valve has an assisted spring disc accelerator and an angled valve seat which means the valve stroke is reduced down to 35 degrees and the closing time is reduced to 0.5 seconds. This makes the Surgebuster the fastest closing valve in the market!


The ‘Problem-Solver’ award

Singer Valve have tackled one of the biggest problems in water applications; Cavitation damage! Singer Valve’s anti-cavitation trim eliminates damage caused by cavitation and reduces the negative effects of cavitation such as noise, excessive wear of parts and failure of components and nearby pipelines. Singer’s range of control valves have two heavy stainless steel sliding cages that allow for maximum flow capacity throughout the valve. Singer’s anti-cavitation trim is designed specifically for the valve and for the system and takes full account of the pressure differentials across valves to ensure they perform optimally at all flow rates.

The ‘Innovation’ award

The innovation award goes to Hobbs’ Triple Offset Butterfly Valve. Leaders in the field of triple offset, Hobbs Valve have patented their triple offset design, engineered to provide optimum performance and maximum resistance in high intensity applications. The ‘cam action’ and ‘right angled conical sealing’ design ensures that the metal sealing components are never in contact until its final degree of closing, resulting in repeatable sealing and a vastly extended valve life. Metal to metal seating ensures bubble tight closure of the valve, resulting in zero-leakage performance!

The ‘Engineers’ award

The Buschjost CLICK-ON range of solenoid valves wins the Engineer’s choice award for being the most user-friendly product on the market. The Buschjost CLICK-ON range is a range of solenoid or pressure-operated valves that have a unique style of fixing the coil in place. Where normal solenoid valves employ a clip or the use of a nut onto the threaded core tube, the “Click-On” style is a thin stainless steel spring clip which extends from the base of the core tube and latches on to the top of the coil, firmly holding it in place. This means no more tools are required when changing solenoid coils, making the engineer’s life much easier.


The ‘Newcomer’ award

The Valve-Tork range of rack & pinion quarter-turn and multi-turn range of pneumatic actuators wins the award for the ‘new kid on the block’. Valve-Tork combines quality, experience, patented technology and expertise to deliver a robust and reliable pneumatic actuator to the marketplace. Available in 18 Models, both Spring Return & Double Acting, Valve-Tork’s actuators are capable of achieving Torque figures up to 10,000Nm. So watch out actuators, Valve-Tork is here to stay!