As leading Elektrogas suppliers, MGA Controls has a wide gas solenoid valve selection available to purchase from stock. In our latest article we outline the gas solenoid valve function, including the basic operating principle and potential applications.

Gas solenoid valve selection

Solenoid valves are commonly available in different design variations. Usually, the fluid path will correspond to the number of ports. For example, a 2-way valve is most likely to have 2 ports. Gas solenoid valves are most commonly used in safety applications for isolation duty, and are therefore supplied as 2-way valves.

At MGA Controls, our gas solenoid valve selection comprises many sizes of 2-way aluminium or brass bodied valves.

Direct and indirect gas solenoids

Solenoids are available in two compositions, direct and indirect acting. The application will determine the function of the valve and therefore the valve selection. If sufficient force is available, the valve will be able to open and close, meaning a direct acting solenoid valve can be used.

Typically, a direct acting solenoid valve will operate within 10 milliseconds, compared to the piloted valve, which can take between 15 to 150 milliseconds. The pilot valve requires much less power to control, hence why they are noticeably slower.

Gas Solenoid Valve Function

The function of a gas solenoid valve is to control the flow of gaseous media in various applications. Elektrogas are expert manufacturers of gas solenoids and depending on the design, can be used in both general purpose and specified applications. Important in general purpose, industrial and even leisure industries, solenoid valves are an important machinery component.

Gas solenoid valves are hugely popular throughout the engineering industry and beyond, due to their self-sufficiency. Involving the least amount of wiring, expense and overall effort, the solenoid valve is a cost-effective fluid control system.

MGA Controls has a wide gas solenoid valve selection, from leading fluid control manufacturers. To find out more about our range of products, please contact our technical team today on 01704 898980. Alternatively, email