What does every end-user want from their pneumatic equipment? We think, cost & energy savings, reduced downtime and easy installation, are just a few. In this article, MGA Controls take a look at Norgren’s IVAC Pneumatic Cylinder and its design features.

Pneumatic Cylinder Manufacturers Norgren claim their IVAC Pneumatic Cylinder has achieved these benefits, after working closely with the end-user.
This article describes some of the innovative features of the IVAC Pneumatic Cylinder and explains the innovative technology behind the product, which allows it to boast such low energy and operating costs for users.

Pneumatic Cylinder Design

Norgren’s pneumatic cylinders feature reduced energy consumption. The design of the pneumatic cylinder allows it to reduce energy consumption by up to 50%. It achieves this with the following features:

  • The patented design and technology reduces CO2 emissions and KW Hrs.
  • The consolidation of parts and innovative design minimises dead volume – the IVAC only uses air in the cylinder, and not the air in the tubing. This reduces energy consumption considerably.
  • Reduced air means the cost per mm of stroke is significantly reduced.

Another design feature of Norgren’s IVAC Pneumatic Cylinder is that it can be easily installed, maintained and integrated with both existing and new systems.

What makes the IVAC different to other pneumatic cylinders?

  • The IVAC Pneumatic Cylinder is a weight-optimised actuator
  • It has fully integrated valve and magnetically operated switches for complete actuator control.
  • It has reduced components; it has fully integrated sensor adjustment, fully integrated flow controls & integrated pressure protection.
  • It has 1 single M12 connection, 1 single air connection and 1 single exhaust port.

These features allow the IVAC Pneumatic Cylinder to be easily retrofitted or integrated within new systems.

Pneumatic Cylinder Suppliers

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