At MGA Controls, we can provide you with an array of pneumatic accessories for every occasion. No matter what your application, we have a range of pneumatic accessories that suit every plant and process. In this article, we will outline the variety of pneumatic fittings we offer, including Norgren pneumatic cylinder accessories, tubing and fittings.

Norgren pneumatic cylinder accessories

Norgren have a vast range of products and one of their most popular collections is their comprehensive selection of pneumatic fittings. Ranging from compressed air fittings to polyurethane tubing, Norgren can kit you out for all your pneumatic fitting needs.

Below are just a few of Norgren’s exceptional pneumatic fittings.

Compressed air fitting types

One of the most important types of fittings in a pneumatic system is compressed air fittings. They work to provide a consistent seal between tubing, can withstand high temperatures and are extremely safe and reliable. Norgren supply the 43 Series compression fittings, which include an external nut, nickel plated brass design and are suitable for use with compressed air, water, oils and other fluids in pneumatic or low-pressure hydraulic applications.

The 43 series’ features and benefits include:

• Compression fittings with external nut
• Tube Size: 4…22mm
• Thread Size: 1/8″…1″ BSP
• Rugged and durable
• Suitable for most industrial applications
• Supplied pre-assembled with sleeves, nuts and seals


43 series compression fittings

Pneufit composite push-in fittings

The Pneufit C Series range of pneumatic accessories from Norgren is a diverse and comprehensive range of fittings and connectors for pneumatic systems. These fittings are available in straight connectors, elbows, tees, Y-adaptors and many more. With sizes ranging from 4 to16mm diameter, Pneufit fittings are available in a range of materials to suit the application.

Pneufit C Series fittings comprise of:
• A wide range of pneumatic fittings and connectors
• Tees, elbows, straight connectors, cross and many more
• 4mm…16mm diameter
• Equal or unequal
• Nickel plated brass or composite materials
• Over 1,000 component options available
• Fast assembly
• Optimum flow

Pneufit C Series fittings

Polyurethane and nylon tubing

Norgren’s pneumatic cylinder accessories range also includes two different kinds of tubing: polyurethane and nylon. Both were developed for use in compressed air or pneumatic systems. PA2 Series nylon tubing is best suited to general industrial applications and also conforms to DIN 74324 for commercial vehicle braking applications. Whereas PU2 polyurethane tubing is suitable for applications where space is at a premium and more flexibility is required.

PU2 polyurethane tubing

Aventics compressed air tubing

The TU1 and TU2 ranges of Aventics pneumatic tubing are the perfect accessory for any compressed air system. Available in diameters from 3mm to 22mm, and supplied in lengths up to 500m, these compressed air tubing options are ideal for almost any pneumatic application. Available in a range of materials, the TU1 and 2 series are suitable for use in a wide range of industries and environments.

TU1 Aventics compressed air tubing

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