Konan Electric Co. are one of Japan’s leading manufacturers of solenoid valves, pneumatic air cylinders, actuators and other fluid control components.
Konan have an established reputation in many industrial fields for continually innovating their product design to meet economic needs by developing energy saving products and allowing greater control of machinery through the use of automation.
By using special stainless steel materials, Konan’s cylinders are resistant to ambient temperatures of up to 250degC. This makes Konan CP61HS cylinders the only choice for high temperature applications.
Benefits at a glance:
  • Resistant to ambient temperatures up to 250 degC
  • Suitable for countermeasure against conduction heat and radiant heat
  • Smooth travel and optimum guidance
  • Flexible mouting systems
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Innovative seal and surface technology to provide the best equipment for your most demanding applications
  • Specialised High-temp O seals as opposed to “non-lube” seals to increase durability and reliability
Konan’s CP61 series are heavy duty type pneumatic cylinders boasting multi purpose performance with high rigidity and outstanding durability, ensuring secure operation even in the most demanding applications.

CP61HS Heat-Resistannt Pneumatic Cylinders – Specification:

  • Working fluid: Compressed air
  • Max pressure: 0-7MPa
  • Ambient temperature: 5-250 degC
  • Piston response speed: 50-200 mm/s
  • Coating: heat-resistant paint (Munsell #6)
  • Surface treatment:Hard chromium plated
  • Thread tolerance: JIS 6g
Options include single-acting pneumatic cylinders and double-acting pneumatic cylinders, through piston rod and a wide selection of diameters and stroke lengths. Konan’s innovative desgin and manufacturing processes enaure you are receiving the best product for your application, with the least problems when it comes to maintenance and reliability.

As Konan Electric’s exclusive UK agent, we are fully trained in the complete product range and can specify Konan pneumatic cylinders, Konan Solenoid valves and other Konan products in the most demanding applications. To speak to our technical team for specification enquiries or general product queries please call (UK) 08444 50123 or (INT) +44 (0) 870 8032001.