Manufacturers and processing plants are increasing their levels of automation, and with that comes a demand for greater control, accuracy of positioning and repeatability. There is also now the requirement to move loads over longer distances quickly whilst maintaining the level of accuracy offered by electromechanical actuators. The solution to all these demands? Electric rodless actuators. The new Norgren actuators available from MGA Controls offers a great fit for almost any application. Their range of electric actuators includes a number of options for rodless actuators, providing a solution for even the most demanding of operating requirements.

Why choose an electric actuator?

One of the main benefits of electric actuators as compared to pneumatic actuators is that they enable control over both acceleration and deceleration so that the cylinders will glide into position rather than making an abrupt stop; where vibration can cause a problem for the load or the application, this can be a critical factor. Electric actuators are also cleaner and quieter than the pneumatic alternative which requires compressed air. Finally, with the option for intermediate positioning with high precision, multiple electric actuators can run in sync and change speed without creating operational problems.

Drive options for our new Norgren actuator range

The E/140000 range of rodless electric actuators now available from MGA Controls are suitable for a variety of industrial applications. Depending on the requirements of the load, speed and positioning, there are two options available within the Norgren rodless actuator range; the tooth belt drive and the ball screw drive. The toothbelt driven rodless actuator can move loads at higher speeds using longer strokes, whereas the ball screw electric actuator can move higher loads but with incredibly accurate and repeatable positioning facilities. Some of the details of the specifications of each drive option for the rodless actuators can be found below:

Toothbelt driven rodless actuator Ball screw driven rodless actuator
Stroke length 100 mm – 5500 mm 100mm – 2500mm 

(up to 4100 on request)

Load capacity 0.2 kN – 1.5 kN 2.5 kN – 10.2 kN
Speed 10 m/s 1.6 m/s
Precision +/- 0.1 mm +/- 0.05 mm

Why the rodless electric actuator from Norgren is the right decision

Not only is Norgren’s actuator range suitable for a range of applications through the option of either toothbelt or ball screw drives, but their rodless actuators, whichever solution you opt for, has a whole raft of benefits:

Accuracy and repeatability: The drive technologies and servo motors, provided through partnership with Control Techniques, allows for accurate and repeatable positioning when moving loads.

Speed & responsiveness: In particular the toothbelt driven electric actuator enables fast acceleration and extremely responsive controls. There are also options on gearboxes, allowing different speed ranges to suit the application.

Offset loads: the electric rodless actuator range will tolerate offset loads because there is an internal guidance system which counteracts load movements.

Load capacity: high loads can be catered for on both drive options.

Lifetime: thanks to the bearing mechanisms employed and the drive technologies used, electric actuators offer a high cycle life.

Installation: with the option to mount the motor and gearbox in two different positions, and for the motor to be rotated on its axis, installation is simple.

Performance monitoring: IO-Link capabilities within the electric actuators allows for the performance of the actuator to be monitored via the integral motor sensors and the external switches.

Energy cost: compared with other motion options, such as pneumatics, electromechanical drives have much lower energy consumption, resulting in lower running costs.

Safety: electric actuators can self-lock when power is isolated due to an optional integrated holding brake on the servo motor.

Operating environment: high-quality materials with specifications suitable for a whole range of environments are used to manufacture Norgren actuators, including cover strips to protect the drive mechanisms and carriage wipers to remove contamination.

The advantages of opting for an electric rodless actuator from MGA Control’s Norgren range speak for themselves. If you have an application that you think may be suited to one of our Norgren actuators, why not get in touch at MGA Controls and talk to one of our experts. Contact us on +44 (0)1704 898980 or