Pneumatic cylinders are used in various applications. Pneumatic cylinder accessories can be applied to help make the cylinder work efficiently in specific applications, allowing users to get the most out of their products. At MGA Controls, we have compiled a list of the most common pneumatic cylinder accessories, that will help provide a safer, more efficient product.

Why use a pneumatic cylinder mount?

When used properly, pneumatic cylinder mounts can dramatically increase the performance of the instrument. Using a mount creates a liner-actuation performance, allowing the product to work well in a variety of applications.
In cases where mounts are not used, pneumatic cylinders may not align correctly with the load, which is a major cause of failure. Side-loading means there is an incorrect arrangement of media, causing wear on the bearings and seals. By using the correct pneumatic cylinder mount, it is possible to create the perfect cylinder alignment. This reduces the risk of wear and tear, saving on costs and ensuring the product performs to its highest standard.

Pneumatic cylinder mounting types

There are three main types of mounts:

    • Centreline mounts
    • Extended tie-rod mounts
    • Flange mounts

Each of these mounts are beneficial in their own right. While centreline mounts support the cylinder along the centreline, extended tie-rod mounts clip to the rod end of the cylinder, making the cylinder symmetrical. The chosen mount will depend on the application and environment where the pneumatic cylinder is being used.

What are pneumatic fittings?

‘Pneumatic fittings’ is a broad term for accessories used to help the actuator function in a controlled environment. They are available in a number of sizes, materials and configurations, depending on the specific application.
There are numerous functional fittings, including:

These accessories help the pneumatic cylinder function effectively, with added safety and control features. Pneumatic cylinder fittings offer the user a compact size, flexibility and easy installation. They can also eliminate maintenance costs and lower the number of leaks in the machinery.

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You can read our pneumatic cylinder accessories PDF here.