AVCO 2800 Series 3-Way Side Entry Sanitary Full Port Diverter Ball Valve


The AVCO 2800 series side entry diverter sanitary ball valve uses a 90-degree ball to swap or divert flow from one port to another or change one media flow to another media flow through a common port. This gives an easy solution to flush systems via one control point or a single point entry into a mix tank and offers long life service in the most demanding conditions. Available end connections include clamp end, extended butt weld tube OD, socket weld tube OD, compression fittings and others. The stem is live loaded with blow out prevention and has online adjustment capability. Sealing occurs at the thrust washer inside the body to reduce the potential for leakage. The ISO mount pad gives the ability to actuate this valve with many standard products like electric spring return actuators, thus allowing remote and rapid operation such as that required in blow-down or exhaust vent systems. Available with all the same options as most of our entire 2000 series range, these valves offer flexibility in materials and end styles for use in many applications that require a valve that meets ASME BPE.
  • Size: 1/4” thru 4”
  • CRN Certified
  • ASME BPE Compliant
  • 1500 WOG
  • Ends: Tube OD, Extended Tube OD, Socket Weld Tube OD, Clamp & Vacuum Ends, Flush Bottom Tank Pads & Compression Fittings
  • Body Materials: 316L Stainless Steel
  • Ball & Stem Materials: 316L Stainless Steel
  • Seat Materials: TFM, PEEK, UHMWPE & Cavity Fillers
  • Service Applications: Biotech, Clean Steam, Cleaning Solutions, Gas and Air Delivery, High Purity Gases, High Purity Water/Oils, Pharmaceutical, Semiconductor & Vacuum
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