Baumer CombiLyz AFI4 Inductive Conductivity Transmitter

The CombiLyz AFI4 inductive conductivity transmitter from Baumer is the ideal choice for conductivity measurement. This specific sensor is robust, durable, and therefore meets stringent requirements for applications where safe hygienic standards are in demand. The CombiLyz range was developed for conductivity measurement, which in addition also doubles up as a concentration measurement sensor.
  • 3A and EHEDG approved.
  • Three choices of tip length to suit the application.
  • Fully programmable via the FlexProgrammer or touch-screen display.
  • Touch-screen programmable display
  • Fast reacting sensor to increase CIP efficiency and phase separation.
  • Robust all-in-one PEEK head.
  • Four separate conductivity ranges available to allow accurate phase separation.
  • Conductivity and concentration in one unit.
Technical data


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