Buschjost air operated valve - 8474300.0000.00000
Price: £316.29 Excl. VAT

Buschjost air operated valve - 8474300.0000.00000

The 8474300.0000.00000 Buschjost air operated valve is a 2/2-Way Compact Stainless Steel Angle Seat Valve. It is suitable for aggressive gases and liquids, and can handle fluid temperatures up to 180°C. The 84740 Series is packed with standard features, including a visual position indicator, damped closing and the capability of working with vacuum up to 90%. The valve can be operated using various pilot fluids such as air, water or hydraulic oil, but can also be combined with the Buschjost 84660 Series 3/2-Way Pilot Valve for an even greater level of control.

Air operated angle seat valves specification: visual position indicator as standard, dampened closing (closes against flow direction), suitable for contaminated flow fluids, suitable for vacuum up to max. 90%, reversed flow direction optional.

£316.29 Excl. VAT
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Technical data


Body Material

Stainless steel


Normally Closed

Operating Pressure

0. . .8 Bar

Operating Temperature

-10. . .180°C



Protection Class


Seal Material




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