Elektrogas Manual Reset Gas Solenoid Valve - EVRM-NC-1.1/4

The EVRM-NC-1.1/4 Elektrogas Manual Reset Gas Solenoid Valve is a Manual Reset Gas Solenoid Valve, certified to EN 161 Gas Safety Regulations, for performing locking operations in gas pipelines. The EVRM-NC-1.1/4 Elektrogas Manual Reset Gas Solenoid Valve is made from light weight die cast aluminium and is available in the size Rp 1.1/4. Screwed and Flanged versions are available, and the valves are provided with pressure tappings on the inlet ports (also on the outlet ports for flanged versions). A fine mesh filter is incorporated to protect the disc and seat from any debris, and the solenoid coils are 100% duty rated and suitable for continuous use. The valves are suitable for use with air or non-aggressive gases, and conform to Class A of the EN 161 Approval.
Technical data


Body Material



Normally Closed

Operating Pressure

0. . .600mBar

Operating Temperature

'-15. . .+60°C



Protection Class


Seal Material

Stainless Steel, NBR, FPM, PTFE




230V AC

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