K41P8LE Dome Loaded Pressure Regulator
Price: £1,807.00 Excl. VAT

K41P8LE Dome Loaded Pressure Regulator

K41P8LE K40 Series Dome Loaded Pressure Regulators offer excellent pressure control at low to medium delivery pressures. Below 5 barg, the build standard is adjusted to increase sensitivity offering improved pressure control and flow performance. Its heavy duty construction makes the K40 Series ideal for arduous conditions and harsh environments
  • Port size: DN25, DN50, DN80
  • Internal and external dome loading Note: no pilot regulator needed for internal dome loading for gas service
  • Balanced design ensures a stable delivery pressure, even with a varying inlet pressure
  • Design option offers optimised performance at very low delivery pressures (< 5 barg)
£1,807.00 Excl. VAT
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