Pressure Transmitters

Pressure Transmitters can also be known as Pressure Transducers and are devices that convert a pressure signal into an analogue electrical output signal. Pressure Transmitters often operate by employing the use of a diaphragm which deflects when pressure is applied. The resistance generated from the deflection in the diaphragm is calculated and then converted into the analogue signal.

A range of Pressure Transducers is available for a variety of applications including Safe Area, ATEX Approved and they are avialable either with or without a display for a visual reading.

MGA Controls Ltd are partners with leading manufacturers of Pressure Transmitters such as Bürkert and can offer a wide range from our extensive stock profile.

For more information about MGA Controls range of Pressure Transducers, please contact our team of experts today on 01704 898980 or they will be able to offer any information you need.

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