Gas Actuated Thermometers

If your application requires a more robust design than a Bimetal Thermometer and have the capability to measure higher temperature readings, then Gas Actuated Thermometers may be a better fit in your application.

They can also be known as Gas Filled Thermometers, or Gas Expansion Thermometers. They employ the use of a small amount of stable gas in the ‘bulb’ or ‘insertion tube’ which expands at a predictable rate. It is the expansion of the gas that is monitored through mechanical linkages and translated into a rotational movement as the pointer moves around the dial, giving the visual temperature indication.

Gas Expansion Thermometers are available with a wide range of options, and can offer accurate visual temperature readings from -200…800°C. Versions are available with up to IP68 Ingress Protection and ATEX versions are avialable for use in potentially epxplosive atmospheres. They are also available with a ‘capillary’ meaning the thermometer can be mounted up to 30m away from the application. This is particularly useful in applications where ambient temperature is high.

For more information about MGA Controls range of Gas Actuated Thermometers, please contact our team of experts today on 01704 898980 or they will be able to offer any information you need.

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