In order to choose the most suitable pressure gauge for your application, it is important to understand the various pressure gauge specifications. The correct specification of your pressure gauge, will ensure that you purchase a durable product, saving on expense and replacement costs. MGA Controls describes the most common pressure gauge specifications and their uses.

Diaphragm seal pressure gauge specification

The purpose of a diaphragm seal is to protect the pressure gauge from corrosive media. This not only acts as a safety mechanism, but also extends the service life of the gauge, ensuring the instrument remains durable and works effectively, saving on cost. The diaphragm seal also works to reduce any harsh emissions. Diaphragm seals are mounted to the pressure gauge, via a direct connection or capillary and is usually encased within the seal body. The diaphragm valve is available in various sizes and materials, making them suitable for a wide range of applications.

Solid front pressure gauge specification

Solid front pressure gauges are manufactured in order to protect users, enhance safety and prevent accidents. The solid front pressure gauge is reinforced at the front, creating a blow-out back safety device. The wall between the front of the pressure gauge and the system redirects the energy to the back of the gauge and the blow out back redirects the media through the back of the gauge. In many applications, the solid front pressure gauge is a standard safety device, reducing the risk of injury from either high pressure or when the gauge isn’t applied correctly.

What does a blow out back pressure gauge do?

The blow out back pressure gauge is another safety feature. It is designed to release excess fluid or media through the back of the device in order to avoid a build-up of pressure. By combining the blow out back feature with the solid front pressure gauge, it heightens the safety of the device, minimising risk of injury to users and enhancing safety.

Types of panel mounted pressure gauges

Panel mounted pressure gauges are available for all applications, including HVAC or pneumatic industries. Panel mounted pressure gauges are used to measure the amount of fluid in the pressure gauge, in order for the instrument to work effectively. The accessory is available in various materials, depending on the specific application.

Common materials can include:

  • Brass
  • Chrome
  • Stainless Steel

The type of mount will depend on the type of media being used or the environment where the pressure gauge is being used.
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You can read our specification for pressure gauges PDF here.