Recent research into efficiency and effectiveness in wastewater systems has demonstrated that air pockets can cause excessive damage to these systems, and can often cause serious corrosion of pipelines, significant head losses, decreased flow capacity and can have a negative impact on pressure surges. Most importantly, in today’s ‘energy conscious’ society, air pockets in a pipeline or system have been found to result in serious energy losses. The correct air Valve in a wastewater system can be very effective in saving energy costs by preventing the problems described above, such as corrosion build-up.

At MGA Controls, we specify and supply the Val-Matic range of Air Valves as we have found these Air Valves to significantly reduce the energy costs in Wastewater systems.


Air Vacuum Valve

The unique features of Val-Matic Air Valves are as follows:

• Stainless steel floats: These floats prevent corrosion, collapse and leakage, thus reducing energy losses. These floats are high quality, to the extent that we will unconditionally guarantee these floats for the whole life of the valve.

• Type 316 stainless steel trim: These trims provide the greatest protection from aggressive waters, corrosive media and hydrogen sulphide exposure, preventing any build-up.

• Fusions bonded epoxy coatings: These Air valves come with a specialist, baked-on interior coating to minimise the build-up of sewage on the inside of the valve – this unique feature negates the need for back-washing, reduces maintenance, clogging and prevents corrosion of the valve.

• Extended length of bodies with sloped bottom designs: Prevent solid material from reaching the operating mechanism & accelerates closure to reduce leakage and clogging of the valve.

The above are only a few of the specialist features of Val-Matic Air Valves. I have picked these features out specifically because they all prevent the build-up of corrosion, which has been found to be the primary causal feature of energy losses in wastewater systems. Val-Matic Air Valves have been designed with these features to prevent the build-up of corrosion and therefore ensure full flow capacity for as long as possible in the most severe of applications.

For more information on our range of Air Valves, or for specific information relevant to your unique application, please phone our technical team on +44 (0) 870 803 2001 – we have plenty of case studies which we can offer you.