Conductivity sensors

Conductivity is measured by applying an alternating electrical current to the sensor electrodes.

Conductivity sensors

Conductivity sensors measure a substance’s ability to allow the flow of an electrical current from one electrode to another. Conductivity is measured by applying an alternating electrical current to the sensor electrodes immersed in a solution and measuring the resulting voltage. The solution acts as the electrical conductor between the sensor electrodes. They are designed for media separation and analysis in applications for industries such as food and beverage and water treatment.

MGA Controls Ltd are partners with leading manufacturers of conductivity sensors Baumer and Bürkert and can offer a bespoke solution using a variety of technologies.

The CombiLyz® from Baumer is a conductivity transmitter which is used to analyse and differentiate liquid media. It provides either the direct measured conductivity or the calculated concentration value. Additionally, the measured temperature is also available as output. Due to its hygienic and robust design it meets the highest industrial standards. The remote display version is available for wall and for clamp mounting.

Fast, temperature-compensating conductivity measurement is a prerequisite for optimum use of detergents and phase changes with pinpoint accuracy. The conductivity sensor CombiLyz® AFI supports CIP cleaning by a technology that is outstanding on the market. The resilient, Peek sensor tip with integrated temperature compensation delivers measured values faster than any other sensor. Signal quality, together with the measured values from temperature and flow detection ensure safe CIP cleaning

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