Subsea Needle Valves

Typically used in medium-pressure hydraulic control systems.

At MGA Controls Ltd we are experts in providing the ideal solution for you for any Subsea application. Subsea needle valves are typically used in medium-pressure hydraulic control systems but have many other applications within the oil & gas industry.

We are proud partners of leading manufacturer, Alco Valves group, and are fully trained on their range of Subsea Needle Valves which are PR2 qualified and hyperbarically tested to meet industry standards.

Alco subsea valve range features high integrity ingress seals and are suitable for diver or ROV operation. They can be supplied with high-visibility colour-coded X, Y or T bar handles and designed using superb sealing for up to a depth of 10,000ft with a temperature range of -29°C up to 121°C.

We can supply subsea needle valves in materials such as stainless steel, duplex, super duplex and nickel-based alloys covering FF and HH trim levels and with a variety of connection types with sizes up to 2”.

For more information or help providing the best solution for your application please contact the MGA Controls Sales Team.

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