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Can Plug Valves be used in clean water applications?

The answer is now YES! Since recently achieving the WRAS Material Approval for the EPDM compound used in the Val-Matic ‘Swing-Flex’® Resilient Hinge Check Valve, there is now the option for producing an eccentric plug valve with BS 6920 compliant wetted parts.

Val-Matic Plug Valve

Plug valves can be used in clean water applications

The Val-Matic ‘Cam-Centric’® eccentric plug valve meets WIMES 8.09 with BS 5158 approval and has dedicated shaft seals in the form of the Val-Matic Grit-Guards™.

Features of the Plug Valve

The flow characteristic of the Val-Matic plug valve with rectangular port makes it ideal for consistently reliable and accurate proportional control of fluids with a reduced potential for cavitation in comparison with a typical Butterfly Valve. The ¼ turn eccentric nature of the shaft and plug design ensures no contact with the valve seat during modulating operation so the torques and wear are minimal providing extensive trouble free performance and whole life cost savings.

To learn more about the Val-Matic Plug Valves WATCH this video with MGA Controls Technical expert, Jason Dean.

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