Introducing the QuadroSphere® trunnion mounted ball valve from Val-Matic. The QuadroSphere® is not a typical ball design, the non-essential sealing faces of the ball have been recessed in all 4 quadrants, creating additional flow paths. The recessed surfaces provide lipped edges that wipe the seat surfaces clean during opening and closing, to avoid particulate build-up.

Val-Matic QuadroSphere

The valve is a full bore, trunnion mounted quarter-turn valve, that is capable of handling a wide range of liquid media with high solids content. The ball has two sets of seating surfaces, to provide shut off in the fully closed position and to protect the seats in the fully open position, designed for the longevity for trouble-free operation.

Unlike typical ball valves the QuadroSphere® Ball maintains a fraction of the resistance across the seating surfaces when cycling, reducing wear up to 70% and improving the performance life of the ball and seats. As the ball cycles, 4 additional flow paths (over, under and around both sides) are created by the recessed surfaces, eliminating localised, high-velocity impingement upon the downstream seat as with typical ball valves.

The contour machining of the ball substantially reduces the ball to seat surface contact. This creates less resistance during cycles, lowering the torque to operate the QuadroSphere® Ball Valve. This also results in cost savings if actuated pneumatically or electrically.

The QuadroSphere® Ball Valve has undergone tests to demonstrate its unique abrasion resistant ball design in severe applications. With over 20 years of proven performance, the QuadroSphere® Ball Valve solves the most difficult application problems in many industries. The QuadroSphere® Ball Valve is designed in accordance with API 6D and ASME B16.34 requirements. The valve carries the API 6D Monogram and has been certified to API 607, Fire Test standard. The QuadroSphere® meets standards: API, ASME/ANSI, BS, ISO, MSS and NACE.

Below is a list of industries the Val-Matic QuadroSphere® covers:


● Oil & Gas industry
● Marine industry
● Refining industry
● Geothermal industry
● Power industry
● Chemical industry
● Pulp & Paper industry
● Cryogenic industry
● Mining/Steel industry

Val-Matic QuadroSphere® Features & Benefits

● Unique contoured ball adds 4 additional flow paths
● Wear resistance – reduced ball-to-seat contact creating up to 70% less wear
● Low running torque – Reduced engagement and friction
● Self-cleaning seats – Four recessed surfaces on the ball provide lipped edges for scraping the seats clean
● Multiple flow paths
● Protected seating – seat surfaces are out of the flow path
● Hardened ball – ground and polished, hard chrome-plated stainless steel ball
● Stem seals – Double O-ring and flexible graphite packing
● Injection fittings – In the event of damage to the seat insert or stem seals, the sealant can be injected to temporarily seal the valve until repairs can be made

• Meets Standards: API, ASME/ANSI, BS, ISO, MSS and NACE
• API 6D Monogram
• Certified to API 607, Fire Test Standard

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