Valmatic produced a white paper to test the dynamic characteristics of their Check Valves in order to identify which Check Valves perform the best under conditions of extreme water slam. For a more detailed explanation of the methodology, the testing and the findings, please read the white paper on Check Valves. This is a brief summary of the findings and the implications of the results on the  contaminated/waste water industry.

The below graph illustrates the performance of the Check Valve in relation to slam. The best performing valve is the Silent Check Valve (SCV). A close second is the Surgebuster Check Valve – a Check Valve which is ideal for waste water applications. This is important as usually Check Valves for waste water application are inherently, by design, less effective at dealing with water slam than Check Valves for clean water application. However, according to Valmatic’s testing criteria, their waste water Check Valve was one of the better valves for dealing with water slam.

Following the Surgebuster Check Valve, we have the Dual Disc Check Valve and the Tilted Disc Check Valve, which are both Check Valves for clean water applications. Then we have the Swing-Flex Check Valve, another Check Valve for waste water applications.

It is important to note here, just because the Surgebuster Check Valve performs better than the Swing-Flex Check Valve at dealing with slam in this test, it does not necessarily mean the Surgebuster Check Valve is the valve to choose for your waste water application. Other issues such as cost, headloss, and the pumping system design and features should be taken into account. For more information about these issues send us an email to or contact us on 08444 501 123 (International: + 44 (0) 870 803 2001).