MGA Controls have been supplying Check Valves to the general Process Industry and the Water industry for many years. We have gained considerable experience specifying the correct check valves into applications and have helped our end-user’s overcome serious application problems involving un-wanted backflow, pressure surges and water hammer.

Check valves, otherwise known as non-return valves, are generally installed in pipelines to allow flow in one direction only, helping to protect equipment and processes further down the pipeline.

MGA Controls supply check valves in various designs including dual check valves or dual-plate check valves, ball and needle check valves, plastic check valves and water check valves and check valves for sewerage applications. Please click on the link for more information on our range of check valves for water and wastewater applications.

We have many designs of check valves in various sizes and materials in stock. For more information on our range of Check Valves, or for specific information relevant to your unique application, please phone our technical team on +44 (0) 870 803 2001 – we have plenty of case studies which we can offer you.

Date posted: 30/08/2012 | Author: | Categories: Val-Matic , Valves

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