Val-Matic are a company based in Illinois that have been producing valves for Water and Wastewater for over 40 years. The Val-Matic ‘Cam-Centric’, quarter-turn, non-lubricated, eccentric type Plug Valves are built consistently to high quality standards with a range of features designed to minimise maintenance and prolong life beyond that achieved by other manufacturers.

Details of the features and benefits of the Val-Matic ‘Cam-Centric’ Plug Valves are as follows:

Shaft Seal System

Val-Matic have improved the traditional design of shaft sealing systems, offering protection from over tightening of the follower, improved sealing, increased longevity and ease of maintenance:

  • The unique ‘Grit Guard shaft seals’ in both upper and lower journals prevent the ingress of particles or grit from the media reaching into the shaft assembly. This is in most cases considered the main cause of wear and the Grit Guards have been proven to extend bearing and packing life.
  • ‘Grit Guards’ and ‘Vee-Type Packing’ are available in Buna-N and EPDM to suit different media and higher temperatures ensuring compatibility and increased life.
  • ‘POP’ (Packing Overload Protection) Shims prevent over compression of the Vee-Type Packing by field personnel and offer easy adjustment of the pressure sensitive packing material.
  • Minimal maintenance of shaft seal can be achieved, if necessary, without removal of the actuator including removal/replacement of the ‘Vee-Type Packing’ and ‘POP’ Shims.

Bearing Package

The bearing package of the Val-Matic ‘Cam-Centric’ Plug Valve is of the highest quality and is protected for increased longevity:

  • Both upper and lower journals have heavy duty, permanently self-lubricated, T316 Stainless Steel Radial Bearings.
  • Exclusive Thrust Bearings of Stainless Steel in the lower journal and Teflon in the upper journal offer an extended life and long-term consistent performance.
  • The ‘Grit Guard shaft seals’ detailed above also protect the bearing package from the ingress of grit and related wear.

Specialised Seating System

The meeting surfaces of the resilient plug and valve body have been meticulously designed to ensure consistent tight sealing over the expected life of the valve.

  • The resilient faced plug has been formulated by Val-Matic in conjunction with leading industry rubber experts to assure a consistently tight seal.
  • The resilient plug is fully encapsulated across the entire range removing possible weak points of the bonding to the Cast Iron plug.
  • Plug materials are available in Buna-N and EPDM to suit different media and higher temperatures up to 120°C ensuring application compatibility and increased life.
  • The valve body mating surface is a robotically welded overlay of 99% pure nickel applied directly to the machined surface of the valve body. The repeatable high quality weld and smooth finish from a secondary machining process assures a consistently tight seal with the resilient plug.

Surface Finishing and Fastenings

Appropriate surface protection and material selection will ensure the main valve construction is sufficiently durable to meet the expected working life of the valve.

  • Corrosion resistant fastenings are as standard in the UK 316 Stainless Steel ensuring the valves remain serviceable even after an extended period in the field.
  • The valve body, cover and plug are constructed of ASTM A126 Class B Cast Iron for working pressures up to 175psig (12 Bar).
  • The valve body and cover are as standard in the UK coated internally and externally with a high quality, abrasion and corrosion resistant, durable, non-stick, WRAS & NSF/ANSI 61 approved Fusion Bonded Epoxy at a minimum of 250-300μm thick minimising the build-up of material within the valve for an extended life.
  • Optional paint specifications include NSF/ANSI 61 approved 2 part epoxy coating internally and externally or a universal alkyd primer for non-standard specified paint specifications appropriate for particular environments or colour coding.

Manufacture and Service

Other features, services and support available that offer benefits to the selection of the Val-Matic ‘Cam-Centric’ Plug Valve help to improve the working life of the Plug Valve and facilitate the selection.

  • The words “SEAT END” are cast into the exterior of the valve body ensuring correct valve orientation for optimum system performance and minimum maintenance.
  • Plug Valves supplied as standard in the UK are Flanged PN16 BS4504 and from 4” to 20” are dimensionally identical face to face with manufacturers of comparable valves.
  • The standard design has been independently performance leak tested to 10,000 cycles with the “SEAT END” orientated upwards using an electric actuator at 175 psi. Following testing the valves were hydrostatically tested in both Direct and Reverse directions at 175 psig and was found to remain drop tight. Visual and measured analysis revealed no discernible wear to the packing, shaft or bearings and no adjustments were necessary.

MGA Controls Ltd offer a service of accurately sizing valves and actuator packages to help in system design, performance optimisation and minimising capital and whole life costs.

To understand more about the specific features and benefits of Val-Matic Plug Valves or to read Val-Matic Plug Valves  datasheets, please click on the relevant links. Speak to our technical team about specifying Val-Matic Plug Valves into your application or to enquire about prices and stock availability.

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