Hobbs Valve – Double Block and Bleed Product and Specification

  • Zero leakage guaranteed
  • Safe for critical applications – verifiable and maintainable shut off

Before release of the Double Block and Bleed Valve two individual isolations valves would have to be used.  This would include a spool piece and a bleed valve which recognised cost and weight but increased the risk of emissions because of the multiple flanged faces.

After seeing the benefits the Triple Offset Butterfly Valves can bring. Hobbs Valve devised a way to incorporate these features into a three piece valve assemble manufactured within a one piece cast body.

The TVT Double Block & Bleed range has increased cavity between both discs, reducing the possibility of a breach during full pressurisation and further enhancing safety performance in critical applications.

This range eliminates many of the historical problems that were related with conventional double block and bleed valves and also reduces weight, space and cost.

The Double Block and Bleed by Hobbs Valves has a single cast which offers zero leakage at high safety levels.

Features and Benefits

  • Double isolation in a single cast
    • Zero leakage
    • Safety critical
    • Fully Rated, Bi-Directional & Zero Leakage
    • Dual Disc Design
    • Face to Face Dimensions equivalent to a standard Gate Valve
    • Bleed Valve is accommodated in the cast
    • Fewer flanged faces gives lower fugitive emissions