Hobbs Valve Triple Offset Butterfly Valves have been specified by a major UK contractor to solve the problem of valve erosion and leakage at a major UK mining company.

The Application:

A major UK mining company were using a water monitor to blast rock and clay rubble with a very high velocity of water which contained hard particles. This was aggressively eroding all the valves installed in the clay mining application. This was causing the valves to leak and was therefore making the application less efficient and more costly.

The Solution:

Hobbs Valve recommended their Triple Offset Butterfly Valve which has been in place for over a year a now and still continues to close at 100% at all times. Hobbs’ innovative Triple Offset design includes metal to metal seating which ensures bubble tight closure of the valve, resulting in zero-leakage performance. Furthermore, no cavities between sealing components eliminates the ingress of particles meaning no clogging, low maintenance requirements and longer valve life.

The Advantages for the end-user:

  • Considerable savings in power and costs: The UK mining company no longer has to keep the ring main operating at all times due to valve leakage, they can now shut-off active pumps when not required.
  • Significantly reduced valve replacement and maintenance: The Triple Offset Butterfly Valves are still working at 100% effectiveness and are expected to continue this service for the foreseeable future.
  • True technical expertise and solution-driven advice: Hobbs Valve and the UK Contractor involved were able to provide a solution for the customer which overcame all of their operational problems – this is the kind of service which is repeatedly exercised at Hobbs Valve.

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