One of the ancillary services that MGA Controls offer to customers is the use of our knowledge and expertise to deliver training on the products we offer. We can offer training on all products at all levels, from very basic instrumentation training, to in depth valve sizing and transient analysis.

Earlier this year, one of MGA’s largest customers, a manufacturer of specialist vacuum pumps and systems, contracted MGA to deliver basic instrumentation training to their sales, engineering and design staff to broaden their knowledge of the product portfolio used in their pump installations. The training covered the basic working principles of pressure, temperature, level and flow instrumentation, all of which are products MGA supply to the company.

Training on Pressure Gauges

In detail, we covered the Bourdon Tube measuring principles of a pressure gauge, along the features and benefits of the pressure gauges manufactured by MGA partners, Labom. We also covered the options and special features available should the company require equipment over and above the standard specification.

Bourdon tube pressure gauge

Training on Temperature Thermometers

The training covered the working principles of LABOM RTD temperature sensors and Bi-Metal thermometers which allowed the sales team to better understand the equipment they were selling.

LABOM RTD Thermometer

Overall, the training was a success and MGA will be hosting periodic refreshers at the customer site in the near future.