MGA Controls stocks a complete selection of Norgren’s market leading range of ISO pneumatic cylinders. In this article, we discuss how a pneumatic cylinder works, the design of a pneumatic cylinder, how to select a pneumatic cylinder and where to buy pneumatic cylinder.

Norgren’s range of ISO pneumatic cylinders are perfectly suited for lower force, lighter duty applications. Available in either single or double acting versions, Norgren’s range conforms to ISO 6432 in aluminium or stainless steel, and share the same low friction seals suitable for both high and high speed applications.

How an ISO pneumatic cylinder works

An ISO pneumatic cylinder works along the same principles as any other pneumatic cylinder. Namely by forcing air or gas into a cylinder, which moves a piston after a certain pressure is achieved. The piston is attached to another mechanism that performs the desired function of the machine. For more in-depth information about the functions of single and double acting pneumatic cylinders, you might be interested in reading another of our recent blogs here.

Design of an ISO pneumatic cylinder

Speaking on Norgren’s official YouTube channel, Ian Cole, Product Marketing Manager at Norgren explains the design fundamentals of Norgren’s ISO roundline cylinders. “We use a Z-section, low friction piston seal suited to both low and high speed operation – typically up to 10 million cycles – reducing potential maintenance scheduling and total cost of ownership,” says Cole.

“The Norgren standard M-50 position switch is used, as in other ranges, in a simple mounting clip, keeping spare stock holding to a minimum and consistency across other products,” Cole continues.

How to select an ISO pneumatic cylinder

“The standard product is fully non-corrodible in general industrial application,” says Cole. Or select a stainless steel version for more arduous use. This can potentially reduce the need for more costly modifications to a machine design. So even the most simple of products can offer real engineering advantage, when considering every aspect of their application and use,” he adds.

Where to buy ISO pneumatic cylinders

MGA Controls are leading suppliers of Norgren ISO pneumatic cylinders. If you require more information about our complete range of single or double acting pneumatic cylinders, or would like a quote, please contact us today on 01704 898980 or email