Seminar on resilient hinge and recoil resilient hinge check valves

MGA Controls has been working closely with Val-Matic, the leading check valve manufacturer, to deliver a unique technology that overcomes the problems of clogging in wastewater applications. This unique and innovative technology has been trialed in UK water sites nationwide and has now been approved for use by the leading UK water companies.

Pump centre conference

MGA Controls are showcasing this technology at The Pump Centre Conference at Telford Conference Centre on 30th April 2014, where our technical product manager Jason Dean will be presenting two ‘break-out’ sessions on the Val-Matic range of check valves.

SwingFlex Val-Matic

Why not come along and learn how the team at MGA Controls can assist?

The session gives an introduction to the resilient and recoil resilient hinge check valves, designed for clog-free vertical or horizontal flow of raw sewage and sludge. Non-return valves (NRV’s) now incorporate many innovative features which minimise persistent health and safety and maintenance issues, while maximising operational performance. The valves also offer a significant reduction in energy consumption.

Now approved stamp

The release of WIMES 8.09 valve specification heralds a new development for NRVs in the UK, providing the product offers “significant whole life cost benefits” to UK water companies. The session will also demonstrate how these products can help you work towards your TOTEX requirements.

If you are not visiting the conference but you are interested to learn more about these Val-Matic check valves – please contact or 08444 501123