Watson Smith are known in the industry as leading I/P Converter manufacturers. Their robust, high performing components offer class leading reliability and MGA Controls are proud to supply a range of their products. Here, we discuss our range of current to pressure transducers.

Leading I/P Converter manufacturers

As leading I/P Converter manufacturers, Watson Smith pride themselves on their ability to produce components fit for a wide range of industry uses. Known in the industry for their repeatable, reliable and accurate I/P Converters, you can be safe in the knowledge your component was built to last.
The most popular Watson Smith series includes the Type 422 and the Type 140, both of which can be used for general purpose industry applications and hazardous applications where vibration or potential explosions can occur.

Watson Smith I/P Converter models

At MGA Controls, we supply the full range of Watson Smith I/P Converters, however the most popular ranges are as follows:

  • Type 422I.S
  • Type 140
  • Type 100X

The different series current to pressure transducers are valuable in their own right, each boasting their own set of unique skills, as we outline below.

Watson Smith Type 422I.S I/P Converter

The Type 422I.S Watson I/P Converter is most commonly used for intrinsically safe circuits, due to its low power consumption. Boasting fail freeze functionality, it can be applied to hazardous applications. Most often, the Type 422 is used in gas distributions due to the advanced electronic controls, which ensure that, in the event of power failure, the last known output pressure is maintained. This is an essential function in many natural gas applications.

Watson Smith Type 140 I/P Converter

The Type 140 is often used in a range of hazardous area applications. Featuring weatherproof, flameproof and minimal temperature effect, the 140 converter is often used in demanding industry applications, due to its versatility and robust nature. The Type 140 offers a high flow rate, high performance and fast response in the most demanding of applications.

Watson Smith Type 100X I/P Converter

Similar to the 422I.S, the Type 100X is an intrinsically safe I/P Converter, featuring rugged qualities that allow it to be effectively used in ATEX applications. Operating at any temperature between -40 to 85 °C, the Type 100X is certified to ATEX, extrinsically safe standards, with an output pressure of 0.2-1bar (3-15psi).

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