Proportional valves can be used in various applications, depending on the specific industry requirements and product features. Here, MGA Controls discusses the appropriate I/P converter uses, depending on the component characteristics.

I/P Converter applications

Current to pressure converters are suitable for a wide range of applications, as they boast high stability, low maintenance and a wide range of air supply options. Their array of features means an I/P Converter can be applied in both demanding, natural gas applications and more general industry use.
I/P converter applications largely depend on the features of the proportional valve. For example, some proportional valves may be suited to general purpose applications, while others can be applied in hazardous environments.
Watson Smith has a range of ATEX I/P Converters, that are suitable for use in hazardous environments.

I/P Converter uses and types

Proportional valves from Norgren and I/P Converters from Watson Smith all possess different features, making them suitable for individual applications. Below, we look at the different features of current to pressure converters and the potential workings of an I/P converter.

  • Intrinsically safe I/P converter
    An intrinsically safe I/P converter is built to work effectively in industries where flammable gases or liquids may be applied. Intrinsically safe I/P converter uses include natural gas and ATEX environments.
  • ATEX Proportional valve
    If a component is described as being ATEX certified, it can be used in any work environment that may be at risk of explosion. Therefore, ATEX I/P Converters applications mostly include dangerous environments, where hazardous or reactive chemicals are used.
  • Fail freeze I/P Converter
    If an I/P converter features fail freeze, it means the component will fail in its latest position in cases of loss of electronic signal. Therefore, typical I/P converter uses include damper applications, such as boilers and fans.

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