The Type 140 I to P converter by Watson Smith is one of the most flexible and rugged I to P converters available on the market today.

The unique features of this I to P converter result in a proportional valve which can be used in the harshest of environments and one that can not only pilot air but also potentially explosive gases, such as natural gas.

Type 140 IP Converter with ATEX certification

Watson Smith IP converter

  • Pressure Ranges: 0.2-2.0 Bar (3-30psi)
  • Flow: 300NL/min
  • Operating Temperature: -40ºC to +85ºC (-40ºF to +185ºF)
  • Linearity: <0.1% of Span
  • Ingress Protection: IP66 (NEMA Type 4X)
  • Port Sizing: 1/4″ NPT or 1/4″ BSP
  • Power Consumption: 0.13 Watts
  • Signal Input: 4-20mA
  • Certification: ATEX, Ex ia, Exd, Exn FM/CSA:I.S., N.I., Explosion proof

Benefits of the Type 140 ATEX certified I to P converter

The primary benefit of the Type 140 I to P converter is it’s ATEX certification – the I to P Converter is intrinsically safe and explosion-proof

Advanced Electronic Control

The I to P converter utilises a built in electronic transducer and a PID control circuit to continually monitor output pressure and adjust it dependent on the input signal the valve receives.

Application benefits – Achieves accurate, high-resolution pressure control with fast response times.

Triple ATEX Certified I/P Converter

ATEX-I to P-converter

The I to P Converter is suitable for installation in Potentially Explosive Atmospheres (or Classified locations) and comes with Triple Protection certification for equipment installation as either Intrinsically Safe, Flame-proof (Explosion-proof) or as a Type n (Non-Incendive).

Application benefits– Explosion-proof, Intrinsically safe and ATEX proportional valve certified to the highest application standards and suitable for the most challenging of applications.

Low Power Pilot

The miniaturised voice coil technology uses

Application benefit – No risk of sparks, making it possible to pilot explosive gases.

Encapsulated Electronics

The internal electronics of the I to P Converter are encapsulated to ensure that the minimal amount of heat that is generated is dissipated efficiently.

Application benefit – minimal heat generation and no risk of ignition of gases, therefore it is possible to pilot explosive gases.

Fail-Safe Operation

With no signal the pilot will not generate a back pressure and the pressure booster will close, thus the unit pressure falls to zero upon signal failure.

Application benefit – in an emergency situation, the process which the I to P Converter is controlling will revert to its “off or closed” state, thus the valve is beneficial in critical or hazardous applications.


Specially designed features, such as baffles and sinters mean that water or dust cannot enter the unit up to IP66/NEMA 4X.

Application benefit – The I to P Converter can operate in high water or oil contaminated atmospheres without any risk to performance.

The innovative design features make the Type 140 especially suited to applications where high accuracy and stability is crucial, but also where there are ATEX requirements. With Triple ATEX accreditation, this I/P Converter can be used in almost any hazardous or critical application.