Two Way direct acting Solenoid Valves

Available in two forms: Normally closed solenoid valves and normally open solenoid valves.  Direct acting solenoid valves do not use a diaphragm, their seal is part of the moving core.


Two Way Normally Closed Direct Acting Solenoid Valves

M&M International Two Way Solenoid Valves

In two way normally closed direct acting solenoid valves a spring holds the core against the seal.  When the coil in energised the spring is overpowered and the seal is lifted from the orifice seat therefore allowing the media to pass through the valve.


Two Way Normally Open Direct acting Solenoid Valves

In two way normally open direct acting solenoid valves the core is fixed and is in the bottom section of the armature tube.  The armature is located in the upper part.  A stem passes through the fixed core and is coupled to the seal.  This is held off the seal by means of a spring and makes a seal when the coil is energised.


Applications of Two Way Direct acting solenoid Valves


Direct acting solenoid valves are suitable for fast and frequent operations. Direct acting solenoid valves are useful where there are lower flow rates because of a smaller orifice.  They can be used with many media including water, air, steam, oil or any media compatible with the wetted materials.  Typical applications include coffee cartridge dispensing machine, air dryer, hydro sauna and weed killing equipment. Direct acting solenoid valves can also be used in vacuum applications, for example in a vacuum pump system.

Nickel plating can protect brass bodies against corrosion that may be caused by cleaning detergents.  Nickel plating versions of direct acting solenoid valves are available and can be useful in applications where car washing equipment is being produced.  This is also a very inexpensive way to prolong valve life.



Industrial Ironing Board Application

These appliances are equipped with an iron, a vacuum blow table and a sleeve foam board.  Each machine may be self contained or connected to a steam, vacuum and compressed air set.  The system uses steam to iron the clothing and the iron has a push button control to supply steam on to the cloth when needed.  A solenoid valve is installed on to the ironing board and controls the steam produced by an electric boiler and the valve sends the steam to the iron when the button is pushed.  The solenoid valve has a flow regulator that enables the operator to regulate quantity and pressure of steam to be applied on the garment being ironed.


Air Dryer applications

Air dryers are used to remove condensate in compressed air installations.  The compressed air can contain a large quantity of steam then when in condenses can cause critical damages in the equipment.  In an air to air exchanger the control panel operates a solenoid valve so that only the condensate produced is drained.


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