Northumbrian Water has given MGA Controls confirmation that the Val-Matic NRV has now been adopted for use for appropriate applications across Northumbrian Water sites in North East England and its sites in Essex and Suffolk. This recommendation has been made based on existing installations at the company sites and endorsements from a number of other UK Water Companies.

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Statement from Northumbrian Water

“The Market Innovation & New Technology (MINT) Forum at Northumbrian Water have agreed with the adoption of the MGA Controls Ltd ‘Resilient Hinge Check Valves’ based on installations at their sites and endorsements from a number of other UK Water Companies. When a recommendation is received from the Supply Chain to use this valve type, as being identified as the most appropriate product for the application, the Northumbrian Water Project Acceptance Teams will be supportive of its use.

For further information on the product and applications, MINT will be sharing their experiences within the business and with the Supply Chain Partners via the various Northumbrian Water intranet forums available. Alternatively we have a vast amount of product information and case studies on the MGA Controls Website, please see the useful links below. You can also contact Jason Dean the sector specialist or call the sales office.”

Useful links

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